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A Dark Gift

January 19th, 2008  /  Category: School Projects, Videos  / 

This is was my 2008 entry into the Campus Moviefest Short Film Competition at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The competition allowed us one week to create a video with a maximum length of five minutes using the provided equipment: a digital camera and a macbook with editing software.

For this film I decided to create a much more gothic film than my films from previous years. Stylistically this film attempts to break many classic Hollywood rules, such as abandoning the 180 degree rule and leaving the twist-ending and character motivations open for interpretation.  For the film, I wrote the script, directed and filmed every shot, set up the lighting, and edited the film.  We were lucky enough to get an actual composer, Curtis Bryant, to write the score for the film, which assisted greatly in conveying the tone of the film.  The only negative to this film making experience was that the microphone we were given had a short in the wire, so we were forced to use the built-in handheld camera microphone. Because of this the sound for the dialogue was very difficult to acquire at a noise reducible level of quality. The film was edited using Final Cut Pro.

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