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May 20th, 2007  /  Category: School Projects, Videos  / 

This is my 2007 entry in the Campus Moviefest film competition at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The competition allowed us one week to create a video with a maximum length of five minutes using the provided equipment: a digital camera and a macbook with editing software (iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Audacity).

We set out with an idea to parody the British Television series Doctor Who, and ended up with a character and universe that could exist entirely on its own.  For this film I was the director, screenplay writer, cinematographer, sound editor, and video editor.  This movie turned out very close to our original vision, with only a small addition to the ending having to be cut because of time restrictions.  I really enjoyed this project because it gave me a chance to take my experience with film studies and the competition equipment from the years before and apply that experience to creating a short film full of awe, mystery, and, most importantly, hilarity.  Enjoy!

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