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April 22nd, 2005  /  Category: Programs  / 

[youtube_sc url=http://youtu.be/xOVJbYCpL3E rel=0 fs=1 autohide=1 modestbranding=1 width=650 height=400]

This is a program that I wrote which uses Cg fragment and vertex programs to convert the four planes in the scene into the planes you can see in the video above or image below.  One plane becomes filled with transparent holes, another uses the Mandelbrot set to display a fractal pattern, another displays the results of an edge detection routine that has been run on an image of a duck, and the final plane becomes wavy and blue.


Download the CG Program .zip Archive


  1. Download the .zip from the link above
  2. Extract the contents of the .zip to a folder
  3. Run g_prog.exe within the debug folder of the cg_prog project folder
  4. To compile the program, open the solution file g_prog.sln with visual studio
  5. Run the compile command


CG Programming