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Garbage Gladiators

January 21st, 2009  /  Category: School Projects  / 

The premise of the game is that in the not too distant future yearly garbage truck battle competitions are held to determine which garbage company will be allowed to collect the garbage in an area for the rest of the year.

This game was created by myself and three other students at the Georgia Institute of Technology for the final project of our Video Game Design class. The game works on both PC and Xbox 360, but was designed with Xbox 360 controllers in mind.  It was made using XNA, Microsoft’s homebrew development kit. Unfortunately XNA is now defunct, so the game can no longer be installed on PC or Xbox 360 :-(.

I was the Game Designer for the game. I designed the control scheme and determined the basics of the gameplay, which we as a group developed further as we playtested. I was in charge of creating and programming the HUD, menus, story screens, and camera system.   I also helped to collect feedback from playtests and add aditional code where needed.

Developed At
Georgia Tech

My Role
Technical Designer

Action Shooter