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May 21st, 2009  /  Category: School Projects  / 

Quintessence is a puzzle/platformer with an elemental twist. The player takes control of two unique, elemental ¬†avatars and must use each’s abilities to overcome a variety of elemental puzzles and enemies. Each form has a custom elemental traversal that allows that form to overcome platforming twists in the environment. In addition, each has either a fire or water based attack that deals more damage to enemeies that are weak to that element. The goal of the game is to destroy two evil demons (one of fire and one of water) and restore elemental balance to the world of Quintessence.

I worked as the producer of this 3D Puzzle/Platformer with another Masters student, six Game Art majors, and seven Game Development majors for our final project at Full Sail University. I managed the project and crafted the schedules. I also created the website and project wiki.

Developed At
Full Sail University

My Role

Puzzle Platformer