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May 21st, 2008  /  Category: School Projects  / 

This prototype game was created for my Principles of Interaction and Design class in Flash.  The game was designed to be played by multiple players on a Tangible multi-touch wall interface.  The players would be able to build structures from falling pieces, using two fingers, one as a pivot point and one to cause rotation, in order to rotate the pieces (mimicked in the prototype with the left  mouse button and the mouse-wheel).  The players would be able to attack each other to the left and right by flicking bombs and other weapons.  If the player missed a bomb it would destroy part of their own structure.  In the prototype we got to the point of building structures and flicking bombs, demonstrating how the game would play from one person’s perspective were we to actually build a wall interface.  I also wrote a random piece generator that generates pieces to fall in addition to designed pieces.

Developed At
Georgia Tech

My Role
Technical Designer