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March 15th, 2008  /  Category: School Projects  / 

This game is about a protagonist who has been turned into a werewolf and must destroy the character who turned him (Wolvenking) in order to become a super wolf and eat all of Wolvenking’s minions to return to human form.

This game was created for my C/C++ class in which we used the Game Boy Advance hardware to learn C++. This game was made by a team of 3 students (myself included) as the final project. We made the game in about 2 weeks and its purpose was to show that we could use the programming techniques (pointers, structs, and macros) learned in the class and that we had a good understanding of the Game Boy Advance hardware. The professor for this class was Michael Mateas whose company produced the revolutionary Fa├žade interactive drama.

Developed At
Georgia Tech

My Role


Game Boy Advance

  Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Emulator and Game Archive above
  2. Extract the Archive
  3. Run VisualBoyAdvance.exe
  4. Open wolvenking.gba