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Firm Lion

May 20th, 2006  /  Category: Uncategorized  / 

[youtube_sc url=http://youtu.be/0PZJSaxEGvs rel=0 fs=1 autohide=1 modestbranding=1 width=650]

This is was my 2006 entry into the Campus Moviefest Short Film Competition at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The competition allowed us one week to create a video with a maximum length of five minutes using the provided equipment: a digital camera and a macbook with editing software.

This year, my Campus Moviefest group, Active Ignorance, was composed mainly of new people who seemed to be very enthusiastic about making the movie.  We had prepared well ahead of time, or so we thought.  Unfortunately, the new actors never showed up for filming.  This meant that I spent many long hours at the last minute with the remaining team to produce a short animation to a voice over of parts of our original script.  The end result is not too bad, but the web-quality version lost some subtle visual effects due to aliasing.  I was the screenwriter and video/sound editor for the film.  I also helped with cinematography and filtering the frames of the animation in an attempt to create a gritty film noir-esque style.  Incidentally, the title is a play off of the genre term film noir and reflects the goal of the video to pay some homage to classic film noirs such as Double Indemnity or ChinaTown.