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Example Zone Design Document

An example MMO zone design document made in Word.

Example Creature Design Document

An example creature design document made in Word.

Devices of Expression in Video Games

Masters thesis that explores the concept of devices that game designers use to convey meaning in video games with a specific focus on emergent gameplay and dynamical meaning.

Homogenous Humanity

A Science Fiction short story I wrote for my Science Fiction class at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The short story was written to embody each of the ages of Science Fiction that we had learned about in the class.

Homogenous Humanity Critique

The critique of the above short story that delves into the reasoning behind each major plot point and how each point relates to a specific age of Science Fiction.

Moving Image Analysis of God of War

This article is a moving image analysis of God of War. This article examines God of War using classic techniques of other moving image media, specifically film. The article shows how cinematography, sound, and mise-en-scene are used in order to express the emotions and ideas the game presents to its players. Essentially making meaning from the images presented during the interactive parts of the game.

Contrasting Affordances of The Godfather Across Two Mediums

A discussion of the Godfather as a movie and as a video game. What is gained or lost across media?